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Who We Are

Dye Real Estate & Land Company is a real estate
 company based in Northwest Ohio. Our niche is 
residential homes, farmland and recreational land. We 
are the go-to company for people who enjoy the rural 
lifestyle. Why? Because we live it every day. We
 understand you, your lifestyle and your needs, and we
 will apply our expertise and knowledge to help you
 make the best decisions whether buying or selling.

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We Know The Area

A Local Company For Your Local Needs

Dye Real Estate & Land Company is comprised of local agents with decades of experience in residential and land transactions. These agents have seen more than 21 million dollars in total volume sold exclusively in West Central and Northwester Ohio and received several recognitions. Devin Dye, owner and broker, has overseen more than 80 local farmland transactions and has been recognized as an Apex Award Winner with the Realtors Land Institute for three consecutive years. He is one of the most highly decorated land real estate brokers in Ohio and considered one of the top land brokers in the nation.






Residential Homes

We will creatively capture your home’s distinctive characteristics with the highest quality photos to distinctively maximize its market exposure. We will offer proven advice on how to prepare your property for the market and suggest a competitive listing price. A professional web listing will then attract as many qualified, motivated buyers as possible.

Land Brokerage

Our land brokerage service offers you, the seller, an experienced agent who will work with you to establish your market value, market your property in a way that will generate significant interest, negotiate the sale price and terms, and ultimately put the most money possible in your pocket. It’s important that you have someone in your corner who understands the market and can create a competitive environment for your property. At Dye Real Estate & Land Company, we have some of the most well-trained and experienced land sales agents in the industry.


Whether it is for an estate, business planning, family planning, or simply just curiosity, we offer our appraisal/CMA services to help you determine the value of your assets. We have the most relevant and accurate data for land sales in Western Ohio. We pay very close attention to all land sales in our region, and this allows us to deliver the most accurately compared properties in the industry. For residential listings, we examine the prices at which similar properties in the same area have recently sold and compile a comparative market analysis  (CMA) to help you determine the best listing price to sell your home or, similarly, the best price to offer when buying a home.  


Your home or land’s distinctive characteristics will be creatively captured with the highest quality photos to distinctively maximize its market exposure. We will offer proven advice on how to prepare your unique property for the market. Professional promotional materials will be showcased and a unique web presence produced to attract as many qualified, motivated buyers as possible. 

Sales Negotiation

Our job is to create an environment that produces the maximum number of buyers for your home. We do this by creating a marketing plan that encompasses both new and old school strategies. The most important part of the negotiation is leverage. When multiple buyers are interested in your listing, you have leverage, the upper hand in the negotiation. This creates a competitive environment that ensures your home or land is sold for the absolute highest price the market will allow.

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